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Lisa Cleveland
Founder & CEO

 Who am I?


Well, that has taken a few years for me to figure out and I 'm still learning more about myself everyday...


I am a free-spirited, life loving, educator!  I have many titles and wear many hats.  I think my greatest characteristic is my honesty.  Unlike the popular Platters song... I am not "A Great Pretender"...


I like to keep it Real & Moving!  in a positive direction of course...  I like surrounding myself with interesting people who want greater things in life. 


I am a dreamer... so reality can be dreadful if I'm not living my amazing life.  I am always looking for ways to better myself and I prefer to not do it alone.  I'm all about connecting and sharing the moment.


I enjoy creative thinking, teaching, sharing stories and providing options and solutions for others.  I love traveling and experiencing different cultures and lifestyles.  Planning social events that allow people to network and share their gifts, talents and abilities is my goal.

I am a God-fearing woman who is ordained to preach the gospel!  One of the greater calls on my life... However, I like to share truths and principles in a humourous and life giving way.  Being able to laugh at yourself is half the battle...  


Having my faith has kept me going and protected me from a lot of drama.  I believe we all have a personal journey and testimony and we must all experience God in our own way. 


I enjoy Dining, Movies, Traveling, Singing, Dancing, Writing, Decorating, and Shopping!


Starting this network of Amazing people, doing Amazing things to create an Amazing Life is my way of breathing.


It feels right and it feels good...

I look forward to meeting you and building our dreams together.



I believe that “Failure to plan is a plan to Failure”.

Let's plan some amazing moments together!


I cant wait to make your acquaintance...


Bring a friend or Make a friend!





Lisa Cleveland - 

Lifestyle Coach, Travel Agent,

Clergy, Wedding Officiant,  

Author, Entrepreneur, 

Motivational Speaker, Teacher, Counselor, and your new best friend...